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The Bible Project: Understanding The Bible Thematically

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

It's been said anyone can read through the Bible and understand it. But, to understand the biblical themes, character of God, historical contexts, and the different types of writing throughout the Bible is impossible without deep study. Luckily, the wonderful people over at The Bible Project have crafted swarms of incredibly creative videos that provide an understanding of the Bible and what Christians believe.

They explore well known biblical stories, as well as lesser known one's in their biblical themes videos. These videos reveal biblical truths about God and humanity that run throughout scripture into the very moment you read this. You can watch the Bible Project videos on Youtube, Vimeo, and on The Bible Project website.

If you want to dive deeper into key biblical themes check out the additional resources on The Bible Projects' website. They have blogs, podcasts, study resources, and book recommendations to coincide with each of their videos. If you've ever thought the story of God asking Abraham to kill his son, Isaac was weird watch the video below. Then check out and scroll to the bottom to learn more.

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