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Reason for God

Does God exist? If so, why does he allow so much evil and suffering? Does science disprove Christianity? Did Jesus really rise from the dead? These are (fair) questions about Christianity. And, followers of Jesus believe there are good, life-giving answers to them. In fact, finding answers can lead one to faith, or strengthen the faith you have. Still, that doesn't mean these questions aren't complex, and sometimes confusing.

Tim Keller's The Reason for God tackles these all-important questions with all the grace and precision they deserve. He draws upon history, theology, philosophy, and biblical studies to show the reasonableness of faith in Jesus. He writes with a pastor's heart and the mind of a scholar. Asking questions is good and healthy. God desires that we be honest about our doubts. It's also good and healthy to find the right answers. We believe Keller offers those in the must-read book.

Available for purchase at Amazon and Christianbook.

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