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Living Entrusted

Who do you trust with your money? What about your family or the other valuable things in your life? Did God come to mind? It can be difficult to trust what we perceieve to be merely physical, existing in the natural world to a supernatural God who sustains heaven and earth. But to build deep relationships there must be trust. Initially it's scary and uncertain but inevitably it is deeply transformative.

Entrusting God with your finances is deeply formative. It sets us free from being owned by the things we own, transforms who we are, and furthers God’s kingdom purposes. Whether you were in attendance or not we encourage you to dive back into this past series where we explored the importance of giving, not only for how God uses it to change the world (and he does!), but also how he uses giving to change us. Each message is challenging but provides insight into how to practically trust God with finances and give in ways you might never have imagined.

Check out for the entire series.

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