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Generous Justice

Justice for the oppressed is close to God's heart. God is just, and calls us to be the same. This means treating people with the dignity with which God made them. It also means acting and speaking when others are denied their dignity. Even as we go about our daily lives, people the world over are enslaved, trafficked, and treated unfairly. Followers of Jesus must respond with grace, integrity, and urgency.

Tim Keller's Generous Justice provides just the guidance we need. It treats a complex and, sometimes, controversial topic with the seriousness and nuance it deserves. Keller tackles tough topics in the Bible, where God's justice is called into questions. His answers are profound. And, he presents readers with a beautiful vision of what a justice that imitates the Just One can be. We heartily recommend giving it a read. It's a guide for our times.

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