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There is a better way to live your life. It is a way beyond striving, hurry, and shame. It travels outside of cynicism and division. It runs counter to misery and isolation. It’s the life-giving way of Jesus of Nazareth. Traveling with Him can be a wild and unexpected ride. But it’s always good and always beautiful. We invite you to launch into this journey today.


“I have come that they may have life and have it to the fullest."


Image by Jeremy Yap


Here you’ll find guides and resources that help you (alongside others) experience the life Jesus offers. As you engage, you’ll grow in four major areas of the spiritual life that we call outcomes. These are Knowing God's Word, Living in God's Presence, Answering God's Call, and Befriending God's People.


We believe that you grow in these four outcomes by engaging in specific practices—ones that we see modeled in the life of Jesus. We’ve identified six practices in each outcome. We provide a guide or resources (or both) for each practice. We invite you to start wherever you sense God is calling you to grow. Pick a practice and get together with roughly 1 – 4 other people and work through it according to one of these recommended timelines.

Once a week = 4 weeks   /   Every other week = 8 weeks    Once a month = 3 months

We challenge you to work through one practice in each outcome over the course of a year. You’ll be glad you did!


Finally, a word about how God uses these practices to shape us. Walking through a guide isn’t an item on a spiritual checklist. God doesn’t confer some special favor simply because you went through the motions. Rather, He uses practices like Lectio Divina, Sabbath, calling, and community to draw us into his presence.

Image by Jon Tyson

The presence of Jesus himself then shapes us into the people He made us to be. That’s the power and promise of these guides. You’ll draw near to the God of the universe along the way.

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